• Gaining skills and experience through the training and qualification provided by the Federation to its members.

• Preliminary for members to work in the union or employment in institutions associated with the union.

• Benefiting from the free publication of articles, topics and political analyzes of members of the union on the union's platform.

• Representing the politicians who are members of the Federation before official bodies and other professional bodies.

• Ensuring the professional rights of politicians (material and moral) affiliated with the Federation.

• The union resolved the conflicts that arise between politicians with any party regarding political action.

• Take advantage of conferences, seminars and workshops held by the Federation.

• The membership card will have a 50% discount on the fees for the events held by the Federation.

• Attending the meetings of the General Assembly and participating in decision-making, voting and elections for membership in the Federation Council.

• Preliminary members of the organizing committees for conferences held by the Federation.

• Publishing articles and events for members on the website and on the union's social networks.

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