• Developing political work at its scientific and practical level and supporting democratic practices and freedom of opinion.

• Ensuring the rights and freedoms of politicians and providing legal guarantees to protect them.

• Developing political scientific research and keeping pace with the scientific development of political thought.

• Ensuring the freedom of politicians to carry out their mission, developing political awareness among member politicians, monitoring any violation of their freedom and defending them against any abuse related to their political activities.

• Establishing close links between politicians and similar organizations in the world to achieve common professional goals while maintaining their independent political personality.

• Providing job opportunities for member politicians in accordance with the available conditions and commensurate with their competencies.

• Contribute to the continuous training and qualification of political cadres to practice political work in an organized international framework.

• Holding international conferences, seminars and workshops to promote and develop the political process.

• Resolving disputes related to member politicians and not violating their professional freedom.